Perth Tactiles offer clients over 12 years of knowledge in the Ground Surface tactile industry making us the leading supplier & installer of tactiles Perth has to offer. Matthew McGuire and Traci Spanbroek are well known and respected in the industry for their outstanding industry knowledge, expertise and ethics.

We supply and install the best performing tactile systems and our product and service range is always expanding as new high quality items become available.

Current products include:

FRP Tactiles

New to WA the Perth Tactiles FRP (Fibre Reinforced Resin Polymer) tile is a new range of tactile products with an innovative tactiles retrofit system which can be installed directly into wet concrete or to an existing surface.



Discrete warning tactiles, integrated warning tactiles and directional tactiles: Polyurethane tiles, stainless steel studs & stainless steel plates.

Stair Nosing

stair nosing

Safety stair treads, Aluminium non slip, fibreglass, and non slip tape.

Braille Signage

Braille Signage

Directory boards, safety signs, directional signs and facility signs. We will also supply and install buttons where required.

Bollards, Humps and Stops


Rubber Wheel Stops, Stainless Steel Bollards, Speed Humps ,Surface Mounted Bollards, Corner Gaurds

Skate Deterrents

Skate Stopers / Skate Deterrents

Skate Stoppers and Skate Deterrents, Stainless Steel, Dimensions 30mm Width X 15mm height


When it comes to installation of any purchased tactile products, it is important that this is completed to the relevant Australian Standard or all warranty on purchased products is lost. Clients can rest assured that all Perth Tactile installations are completed with the highest quality within the AS1428.4 Standards. We will work with you to […]

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