Bollards, Humps and Stops

Rubber Wheel Stops

Wheel Stop 1650 x 100mm

Rubber Wheel Stops

Wheel stops, are a simple solution to protect vehicles and property from any damage whilst vehicles are being parked, in any type of car parking situations.

Manufactured from natural rubber with yellow paint, Complies to AS- NZS 2890.1-2004.

Speed Humps

Our speed hump is that it not only slows traffic down to a crawl, but it creates a safer environment for:

  • Pedestrians
  • Property
  • Other road users

Our speed humps come in widths of 350mm and can be adopted to suit any type of traffic condition

Speed Humps
Speed Humps Dimensions

Stainless Steel Bollards

Standard Stainless Steel Bollard with Internal Fixings are ideal for shopping centres, large retail store etc

Stainless Steel 114diam Cast In



Surface Mounted Bollards

114diam Surface Mount Yellow Bollard


Ideally designed to be installed in areas where permanent protection is required in order to protect people and property.

They also serve as a guide to direct traffic from entering specific areas.

Fixings included with all Surface Mount Bollards.

Corner Guards

This is the ideal solution for the protection of pillars in car parks, entrances and exits to warehouses and factories or simply for the protection of corners around buildings and portables where there is a potential risk of vehicle impact.

Corner Guards
Corner Gaurds Verticle