FRP Tactiles


FRP Tactiles

The Perth Tactiles FRP (Fibre Reinforced Resin Polymer) tile is a new range of tactile products which we now supply to our WA clients. It represents an innovative tactiles retrofit system which can be installed directly into wet concrete or to an existing surface.

The ‘Ultimate’ in warning tiles

Its true innovation lies in the intelligent design features and precision-engineering that create the ultimate in detectable warning tiles.Available in:

  • 300mm x 300mm
  • 300mm x 600mm
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
Retrofit cost-efficiencies

Due to its innovative fixing design, the tile offers excellent time and cost-efficiencies in the installation process, without compromising quality.

  • Unique fixings mean it is incredibly easy to replace and repair
  • Tamper-proof fixings
  • Quick to install and immediately traffic able

FRP Tactiles front and Reverse

Innovation without compromising quality

The fibre-reinforced resin polymer construction ensures that quality and durability are maintained across all tiles.

  • R12 Slip Resistance rating, as tested by the CSIRO
  • All-weather resilience
  • Structural integrity and UV stability
  • Complies with AS 1428.4.1.2009

Two unique fixing options:

Cast in place – install directly into wet concrete

  • It offers the easiest and fastest tactile installation, requiring no concrete demolition and only a single fastening device.
  • The replaceability feature of the tile is industry-leading due to its simplicity and speed.
  • Tamper-proof fixings included.

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  • The surface-applied FRP Tile is engineered to successfully upgrade any existing surface.
  • Fully complies with all ADA and OHSA requirements for surface height transitions to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Mechanical and adhesive fixing ensures secure bonding to all surfaces that allow the area to be immediately trafficable.
  • Audible detectability technology engineered for sound amplification.