When it comes to the leading tactiles indicators and floor tactiles Perth has to offer, Perth Tactiles has the best products and the experience to take care of your requirements.

Our high quality surface tactile products are strong and durable because they’ve been designed for the most extreme Australian conditions. Made from the toughest Polyurethane they are versatile and innovative, they fully comply with all Australian standards.

Perth Tactiles can supply and install a wide range of floor tactiles and tactile indicators which include:

  • Warning tactiles
  • Discrete tactiles
  • Integrated tactiles
  • Directional tactiles
  • Stainless steel studs
  • Stainless steel plates.

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Floor Tactiles Perth

Individual Surface Tactile Studs

Stainless Steel Tactile studs are manufactured from the highest quality, marine grade, 316 stainless steel.

Made from 316 alloy means they are highly resistant to corrosion and their durability makes them the best choice for salty, coastal environments.

Stainless steel plates

Solid 316 grade stainless steel plates are extremely durable with high class finish, quick installation and feature drill holes for screw fixation. Installation is via direct adhesion, screw fix or combination of both.

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Yellow Directional Terracotta Warning Black Directional Ivory Warning Colorado Grey Directional Colorado Grey Warning Black Warning Terracotta Directional Mid Grey Directional Yellow Warning
Tactile Specifications
Tile Types: Warning and Directional
Tile Colours: Black, Terracotta, Yellow, Medium Grey, Colorado Grey and Ivory
Substrates: Concrete, Bitumen, Tiles, Vinyl, Rubber, Timber, Carpet
Materials: High Grade Polyurethane
Warranty: Guaranteed for 5 Years
Australian Standards: Manufactured to AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009
 Slip Resistance
&nsp; Class R11
 Tile Dimensions
Tile Thickness: 3mm
Gap between Center’s: 50mm
Tile Size: 300mm x 300mm – (11 tiles per 12 meter)
400mm x 400mm – (6.25 tiles per 12 meter)
Tactile Dimensions
Top of Dome: 25mm
Bottom of Dome: 35mm
Height of Dome: 5mm



PerthTactiles 193 - final

Size : 300x600
Type: Hazard
Location: Indoor, outdoor
Suitable substrates: Concrete, asphalt, ceramics, stones, woods, carpet, plastics, steel, aluminium.
Installation: Install direct on existing substrate.
Slip resistance rating: R13, V
Luminous reflectance value (mean): 19.57
Solid 316 grade stainless steel, very durable, high class finish, quick installation, features drill holes for screw fixation. Install via direct adhesion, screw fix or combination of both.

Individual Tactile Studs

PerthTactiles 023PerthTactiles 005PerthTactiles 015
Stainless Steel Tactiles are manufactured from the highest quality, marine grade, 316 stainless steel. It’s very high resistance to corrosion makes it the definitive choice to withstand the salty environments of Australia’s coastal towns and cities. Also, the mechanical and wear strength of our 316 alloy, ensure that the tactile has excellent longevity in all applications.

Dimensions of Stainless Steel Tactile TS1114S
Top of dome 25 mm
Base of dome 35 mm
Height of dome 5 mm
Stem length 12 mm
Slip testing (performed by CSIRO)AN/NZS 4586 Appendix A WWet Pendulum 4SAS/NZS 4586 Appendix DOil Wet Ramp Test R11AS/NZS 1428.4
Wet and Dry Luminance Reflectance Dry 25.1 / Wet 19.5
Mean Contrast Range 10.8 – 45.5

Tactile Warning Handrail Buttons

Hand Tactiles
Used when handrails are not continuous and/or no tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI’s) are not required.

Dimensions 10 mm
Thickness 5 mm
Shaft M6mm x 16mm
Designed for compliance with AS/NZS 1428.1, AS/NZS 1428.4 and with the BCA Section D.
Warranty 2 years