Stair Nosing

Perth Tactiles is the leading supplier and installer of stair treads and stair nosing Perth has to offer. With the industry leading products and experience, Perth Tactiles are the name you can trust for all your stair tactile needs.

Need safety stair treads, aluminium non-slip or fibreglass and non-slip tape?

Look no further than our high-quality stair nosing/stair edging range. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, these quality products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and very affordable.

Our most popular products are featured here; however, Perth Tactiles have an extensive Stair Nosing product range available to clients, so if you don’t find what you want here, please contact us for your specific requirements.

The SC8 – Stair Treads Perth

Aluminium Insertssc8-2sc8-3

  • Specifi cally designed to comply with the new requirements of AS1428.1:2009 Design for Access and Mobility
  • Aluminium anodised base available with composite fibreglass reinforced resin with silicon carbide anti-slip grit insert.
  • Also available with PVC anti-slip insert for internal use
  • For hard surface stairs in commercial and industrial environments
  • Available in a range of colours or with a luminous strip
  • 73mm x 10mm

The SC2 – Stair Treads Perth

The SC2 is out most popular Stair Nosing product, featuring:
PerthTactiles 123 - final

  • Square face
  • PVC or carborundum insert in a range of colour
  • For carpet tiles or hard surface stairs
  • Excellent anti-slip protection.
  • Available with a luminous strip.
  • 73mm x 30mm

Mainly used for commercial and industrial applications such as schools, shops, factories and hospitals.

The SC4 – Stair Treads Perth


  • PVC or carborundum insert in a range of colours
  • 95mm x 30mm

The SC3 – Stair Treads Perth


  • 85mm x 17mm

The SC12 – Clear and Black Stair Treads Perth

PerthTactiles 135 - final PerthTactiles 140 - final

  • 52mm x 3mm

The SC-R – Stair Treads Perth

PerthTactiles 125 - final

  • A composite fibreglass reinforced material with a hard-wearing silicon oxide anti-slip grit.
  • Available in yellow or black
  • 70mm x 30mm

Luminous Stair Nosing Range

Perth Tactiles also has a range of stair nosing which contains a luminous insert. The luminous insert is made of acrylic material, Alkaline – Earth Aluminate and Silicate, which is activated by a Rare Earth Element. It offers high luminance, long lasting time in luminance.  Weather-proof, nontoxic and non-radioactive and has stable chemical properties.

It provides step protection plus it emits high intensity glow during power failures and emergency evacuations. Looks smart when lights are on; provides outstanding glow performance in the dark.

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Our products have the following luminance rating:

  • Initial > 5000 mcd / m2
  • 12 hours > 3mcd / m2
  • 15 hours: glow, after 15 min exposure to sunlight/fluoro

Glow in the Dark Nosing

Glow In the Dark
Glow in the dark larger profile